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Pharaoh' is actually a Greek word that is based on an Egyptian word that meant'great house'. When this word was first used, it referred to the palace of the king and its greatness, not just to the king himself. We use the word 'pharaoh' today to meanthe ruler of ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians believed their pharaoh to be the mediator between the gods and the world of men. After death the pharaoh became divine, identified with Osiris, the father of Horus and god of the dead, and passed on his sacred powers and position to the new pharaoh, his son. "

- Stainless Steel Base

- IP Gold Plated, High Polished Stainless

- Fine Details

- High Quality Build

- Chain and Pendant included



Exciting things happen when we apply science to our jewelry. Not only do we get strength and durability, but we also get beautiful pieces that have an everlasting shine. Ion plating, also called IP, is a physical vapor deposition, a not so new technique that has recently gained attention for its application on stainless steel jewelry to enhance the finish in a variety of ways, but do you know what it really is?

The Benefits of IP Jewelry

Besides the lifespan and durability of Ion Plated jewelry, it also has the benefit of being hypoallergenic. Plus, stainless steel is a far more affordable alternative to precious metals which need more maintenance and may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Other platings can wear off causing the lesser quality metals to leave unsightly marks, this can never happen with stainless.


  • More durable; acts as an extra layer of protection for jewelry
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lasts longer than other platings
  • Less maintenance and easier to clean


Speaking of maintenance, the environment in which it is kept is always a factor but mild soap and warm water is all you need to keep that shine. And a soft place like a jewelry box is the best place to keep your investment safe. But if you’re the type to take off a ring or bracelet before bed and keep them in a small dish on the nightstand your best bet is Ion Plated Stainless Steel! Heck, take it in the shower if you want, basically tarnish resistant.



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